Custom cases

We have been designing and building custom cases since the 1970s. We pride ourselves on being able to find a solution for every problem. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before so you can trust us to deliver. We have access to hundreds of different materials and specifications. As well as manufacturing ABS cases from scratch, we also work with some of the world’s largest case manufacturers to find the right solution for every project.

Flight Cases

We make flight cases for any equipment that needs to be protected during transport...

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Injection Moulded Cases

Injection moulding is a common manufacturing process for making plastic parts...

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PELI Cases

We are an established reseller in Ireland of PELI, the global leader in the design and manufacture of virtually indestructible cases for protecting valuable equipment...

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Roto Moulded / Semi-Conductor Cases

Rotational moulding, or roto-moulding for short, is an excellent manufacturing process for transit cases...

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Vacuum Formed Cases

Vacuum formed cases offer a medium impact resistance without the extra weight of a heavy-duty case...

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