Our client portfolio consists of some of the world’s leading companies in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, including Baxters, J&J, Creganna, Cook, Stryker, MSD, Boston Scientific and KCI/3M, among others.

Our capabilities include taking the client’s idea from the design stage to the product testing and qualification stage, which includes performing IQ, OQ and PQ, as well as pFMEA, all made possible thanks to our ISO 9001 certification. We have also implemented a functional White Room and Clean Room for inspection, cleaning and packaging of medical and pharmaceutical trays.

We understand the importance of packaging in pharmaceuticals for delivery and transport of products, and are able to custom-design and manufacture a variety of sterile and sturdy medical packaging to suit any customer’s requirements such as:

  • Medical Procedure Trays (clamshells, tubs, transport trays, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Handling Trays
  • Heavy Duty Trays for liposuction procedures and breast implants, which come in several sizes and shapes.

Medical clients:

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